Local Shopping at its Finest

Nestled amongst the aspen trees and red mountains of the Roaring Fork Valley lies the town of Basalt. Home to just over 3,500 locals, this small mountain town attracts valley residents and visitors alike for the variety of recreation, arts, culture, and fine dining. Basalt also happens to be home to some of the best local shopping. Chic and convenient finds are around every street corner in this bright and active mountain community.

From boutiques to warehouses, galleries to shops – the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley offers one-of-a-kind finds, keepsakes and convenient goods for everyone. Whether living here or just visiting, you can find what you need when shopping in Basalt.

At the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Fryingpan Rivers lies Downtown Basalt, where historic buildings meet more modern spaces – a nod to the more than 100 year history of the town with a testament to embrace the contemporary. A stroll down Midland Avenue and Two Rivers Road will take you from art to clothing to gifts to home goods. Across town lies Southside and the Basalt Business Center, with wares for your indoor and outdoor spaces. A few minutes down valley is the Mid-Valley center, the location of more home goods, hardware and practical supplies. A short stop away is Willits. This newly expanded and more modern area of retail in Basalt includes a bounty of great, stylish finds to give to others or gift to yourself. Next door is Orchard Plaza, with groceries, sporting goods, beauty services and pet supplies all in one convenient location.

Farmer’s Markets thrive year round – with a Sunday summer market in Downtown Basalt and an indoor winter market in the Eagle Crest Nursery. Locals – as well as local favorites – are sure to be discovered at these popular and bustling marketplaces.

Within Basalt you are bound to come across unique artisan crafts, rustic treasures and surprisingly beautiful gifts and goods, as well as practical wares for your day to day living needs. This is one small mountain town big on style. The purveyors of Basalt offer a plethora of local shopping options – be sure to peruse these local gems for your next purchase.